sunnuntai 8. kesäkuuta 2014

Kyltymättömät! idea how to translate that title but it means that these puppies never get enough food! Whenever Salsa goes into the puppy box they want to eat. Sometimes she let's them feast for a longer time, sometimes only couple of minutes. I wonder if she can feel if there is milk still or if they are just playing around. In the evenings it happens that they all fall asleep in the box, but during daytime very seldom.
Since last Wednesday - Thursday puppies started to spend short time outside the box as well. Hemmo already managed to climb over the edge once, I haven't seen him do it a second time but I'm sure it wont take long until they all are all over the place. Yippee!
Yesterday we started another new thing - we tasted a little bit of solid food. First out some smooth baby food with meat and vegetables - I wonder how do they make it so smooth and even? All the puppies loved it, of course, and we took another taste of the yummy food today. They ate maybe and spoonful, teaspoon, each, so there was still plenty left for the always hungry mummy-dog. She was more than pleased to clean the puppies up afterwords as well.
They are developing so fast now. Walking is going better every day, their hearing has developed but vacuuming in the kitchen caused no alarm today. The radio is almost always on and we try to get them used to all kind of noises. We had the first child visiting yesterday, my niece Iris who is 4-years-old, and there will be lots of more coming once they get a bit older.
I'm getting very attached to the puppies, all of them, and if the situation was different I would not hesitate one second to keep on of the girls. But it's kind of relieving as well that I do not get to keep one, as how could I pick one over the other? At first I thought that Lilja is my absolute favorite but now it does not seem that easy.
PS. See - nothing about puppy poo ;) - the situation is back to normal, no diarrhea anymore!!!

Enpä taida jaksaa kääntää, kaikki hyvin, ruoka maistuu ja vilskettä ja vilinääkin alkaa jo olla. Vieläkun sais niitä kuvia tuotua.

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