torstai 29. toukokuuta 2014

Who wants to be a dog breeder!?

A couple of sleepless nights and this game of "who wants to be a dog breeder" suddenly does not seem like all puppy-smell and happiness. The puppies are doing fine though, and so is Salsa. The problem is rather my tendency to stress and worry. And unability to sleep. 
Everything seemed just fine and perfect and sunshine - we got real summer weather all last week - until Sunday morning when I discovered that all the puppies have diarrhea. Shit! Nothing too alarming as none of them was dry or phlegmatic.  But still, messy, messy messy as Salsa refuses to eat it. I totally understand her though. So I started cleaning and and wiping the puppies and that's what I've done since, every three hours or so. Salsa is feeding them well - maybe a bit too well and overeating can cause this on small puppies. I tried to cut down her meals a bit and keep the food always the same.
I called the vet first thing Monday morning but as puppies are alert and eating well there was no great cause to worry. On Wednesday we decided with Anita to take them to the vet anyway, for check up at least. All puppies and the mother were found in good condition. Vet gave them hydration and oh my good how they screamed - it was heartbreaking! We got them on a kalolin-pectine product that is to be given every six hours. Sounds like fun?
The good thing is that puppies are growing, and fast. 
Today, from smallest to biggest, Lyyli 804g, Hemmo 859g, Lilja 904g, Kosti 916g. Everyone of them has more or less doubled their weight. 
It's very interesting to follow them grow and develop. They are already starting to form their own personalities. Hemmo is very active and athletic, to the point that his often too fast for his own good. He's moving around a lot and is pretty loud. I bet he is the first one to walk.
Lilja is loud as well, she doesn't like being  handled and has very strong opinions about it. She's an eater, she's the first and last to get to mum for a meal.
Lyyli is a lot calmer than Hemmo and Lilja. She seemingly likes being treated and cuddles up with her siblings. She's a bit smaller than the others but a fast mover, not in any way apathetic.
Kosti then, he looks like he's been at home at meal times, when he's hungry he get himself to the "bar" very fast and stays put whatever happens.He's calm when handled and falls a sleep easily in my lap when I'm cleaning him or Salsa is licking for pee. 

All puppies in line, Hemmo in the front

mother an daughter sleeping, Salsa and Lilja

Kosti eating

We have taken up normal walks with Salsa again and we're both happy about that. Nacho evacuated for a week or so to give us all some peace and quiet. 

I really hope that we will get over this stomach problem and I can stop worrying too much. At the same time as this is a bit exhausting it's fascinating and very educating - doing something I've never done before. And I'm not saying not ever doing again. :)

And sorry, this text came out in English and I'm too good damn tired to translate! :)

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